Love is a bird, Carmen-Lindz McLeod

Love is a bird, Carmen;

the downy adolescence of demoiselles shed
Over mottled roads in the Khyber pass.
A wet and foolish mouth caught trawling
by flouncing candied plumage.
Pierced by the beak of the hoopoe
espada ropera
while the bull stamps and snorts
and the eye of the crowd is not
on you, for once.
Love is a bird, Carmen;
you will breathe it again
in the building of houses
and the destruction of homes.




Lindz McLeod is a writer based in Edinburgh. Her work has been longlisted for the Fish Publishing Flash Fiction prize; her short stories have been published on 365 Tomorrows, Dreamscape Press and more, while others are available in the Twisted Aardvark Flash Fiction anthologies on Amazon. She is a committee member of the Edinburgh Writers Club, and is currently midway through a Masters in Creative Writing.


‘Miles to go, before I sleep.’-Lindz

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