Moments Before Death- Matthew Stegman

A bell is going to ring,

old and rusty,

it chimes a song you only hear once, and then it fades into obscurity.

This is self-transcendence,

without knowing where you’re going.

Half of it is trusting the destination knows you’re coming.

The other half is timing.

Wouldn’t it be embarrasing to show up,

and no one was prepared for you?



Matthew is a young self-taught writer who has been writing since his early teens. He views his writing as a kind of therapy. As cracks opens up somewhere inside of him, he has to channel whatever decides to come out! Whatever decides to come out usually makes sure he has a drink in his hand or a anxiety driven manic depressive episode. He believes every day you should be working on your personal growth. If you stop growing what’s the point? We never plateau, it’s simply momentary stagnancy. He believes we all have the ability to evolve. He considers himself an uneducated prick looking to constantly improve. Writing his own experiences, emotions, and delusion he hopes to connect to the reader.

The quote he would like to include is by one of his favorite authors from his favorite book.
The author is Tom Robbins and the book is Still Life With Woodpecker.

“I’m an outlaw, not a hero. I never intended to rescue you. We’re our own dragons as well as heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”


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  • iT’S EASY TO UNDERSTAND. qUITE FASCINATING TO make the readers UnDERSTAnd the deptH of Moments Before DeatH Through such simple lines. TRUe pOEm doesn’t Have to BE ComPLicatED all the TIME.

  • You have observed very interesting details! ps decent internet site. Admire the poem and at the last how it was able to creep you out, upon your death and no one was ready. Oh dear! 🙂

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