The Beating of the Wings- Teresa Sutton

I want to fold myself up,
lie on the ground,
and listen to the millions of feet
shuffling towards something
that sounds like divine thunder.


Except it’s not.
It’s a hushed noise, comforting,
the beating of wings.


Deep down in the earth,
the zest of my universe congeals
in all of the porous places.
I want to unfold my blanket,
press my ear to the dirt,
lie here for eternity,
and stay true to everything.


Except I can’t.
If I could suck all of the energy
from a black hole
and pull together all stray electrons,
I could expand my inner starlight
and jettison the gaunt silhouettes
that refuse to leave my side.


I want to let go of a billion miles,
tell the truth for once.
Except, I won’t.


I know. I want to vault
out of this circular void
and pray for a beam
of starlight to strike me alive.




Teresa Sutton’s chapbook, “Cashmere Snow,” was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition and a semi-finalist in the 2018 Quill’s Edge Press Chapbook Contest (in an earlier version under the title, “Not a Candy House.”)

Her third chapbook, “Breaking Newton’s Laws,” won 1st place in the Encircle Publication 2017 Chapbook Competition. One of the poems in the collection, “Dementia,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. The final poem of the book, “Confiteor 2,” was honored with second prize in the 2018 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry by Alternating Current.


“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau
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