The Boy And The Demon-Ryan K. Rusell

The Boy and The Demon
I fed the boy to the demon.
Crown first the way his mother bore him.
The monster was more teeth than jaw.
Yellow eyes, slit, like that of a serpent.
Broad nose, pointed ears.
He danced on four legs like that of a stead.
Claws the size of pitch forks.
Two sets of wings appropriate his spine.
Scales dripping with black sludge.
The demon was mute but I knew his hunger.
He craved what only I could give, what I always gave.
Carnal desire beckoning , without forewarning.
He stayed as long as he like, my life his dominion.
The boy however was my claim.
Nameless, young, and beautiful.
Eyes that tell all.
Hands that fumble with every touch.
Bountiful curls atop his head.
Rambunctious soul of his.
But the boy must have known he was my sacrifice.
Why else would I keep him?
I was much stronger than the boy. Strong in the sense that others valued.
I was high functioning and non threatening.
Always visible but just out of reach.
Without me the boy was vulnerable.
With him so was I.
He was hysterical laughter or gut wrenching screams, never anything in between.
The world so small through his lens, everything so bright in his minds eye.
A type of rose colored frame, had the boy so mesmerized he hardly saw but always empathized.
He felt more than he could handle. The demon ate more than he could stomach. After gnawing on the boy
for what seemed like lifetimes, he regurgitates his meal.
Spitting the boy out broken, but in tact, right at my feet.
He lay on his back the way his father buried him.
I succumb to our ritual
Apologizing and promising to never forsake the boy again.
He is afflicted with a naive heart and forgiving soul.
In no time at all, he forgets and I wait.
I will feed the boy to the demon again.



Ryan Russell is a professional football player in the NFL and a born poet. He began writing around the age of seven when he lost his stepfather in a motorcycle accident and realized just how little his biological father was truly in his life. Ryan’s mother relocated him from Buffalo, New York to Dallas, Texas were Ryan then fell in love with football. Though his love for football was well known and well celebrated he kept embracing, improving, and exploring his first love of writing. Ryan graduated from the prestigious Purdue University and was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys. He saw most of his success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is excited to apply the same handwork and dedication to his writing as well. Ryan’s poetry is a strong collection of memories, emotional trials, and larger than life depictions into the human condition. He hopes to inspire those going through trauma, abuse, abandonment, insecurity, and many afflictions he also struggles with through this poetic adventure. Love and healing are also constant themes that arise, and are portrayed as areas we can always work hard to improve. Ryan also hopes to inspire other boys, and young men, to explore and cultivate their creative sides. We are all more than one talent and one dream. We are multifaceted and phenomenal beings with unlimited capabilities. 

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  • amazing, there is no better poem made that can describe demon so beautifully, haha. Great work, enjoy the details!

  • Yeah the vocab was good but it was ferocious to commingle the direction of poem in describing boy and the demon. Would recommend to choose title wisely. Poem is appreciatable howsoever!

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